No Uber, No Lyft,  No Problem

Ride Share still lives in Austin

Welcome to ATX.LIFE


Welcome to ATX.LIFE

When Uber and Lyft left Austin on May 8th of this year, they left a whole city of people in need of  rideshare services.

It has taken a few months for things to get settled. Many companies rushed to Austin to fill the void. A few have risen to the top.

There are now 3 Ride Share Companies that maintain a sizeable active driver network in Austin. These alternatives to Uber and Lyft have been servicing the Austin area for months now with hundreds of drivers.

Click on the links provided below to get started.  Your best bet is to sign up with all 3. Each app has its own merits and depending upon when you request a ride, one app may be quicker than another. Best to have all your options covered.


Austin Ride Share Options


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